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WOW, that was amazing.
what kept running through my mind while watching it was "can you imagine if the anime was this good, I'd actually watch it then."

wow, just wow, very nice piece of work.

I didn't think to much of this animation when it started, all the characters had the same voice, the setting seemed unimaginative, and the jokes started swimming like a dead fish (I'm not trying to make a joke, I'm just can't think of a better analogy) But WOW did all that turn around.

It was Hilarious!!

The woman's voice caught me totally off guard, the way the characters would banter back and forth was awesome, the jokes picked very well and the movie reference seemed to give it a little spark that fit so well and yet was totally unexpected.

All in all, I'd definitely say this animation "holds water"... okay, sorry, that was awful.

Phable responds:

Haha why, thank you. I appreciate the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The voice acting was great, except for once or twice when it sounded like they got to close to the microphone. The animation was really beautiful but the lip sync seemed to be left out. The narrative story was mundane enough to be relatable yet interesting enough to be profound.
Ending was sad though.

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"nothing too new or interesting" that's how I feel about this game.
I realize it's your first game, and it's pretty good for a first attempt but how about we get some control descriptions or maybe victory conditions.

In the beginning if your trying to "ping pong" your way up the two walls, it's easier to just land on and jump from the same wall you started from in the first place.
I understand that may or may not have been intentional but if that type of difficulty in the beginning wasn't intentional, then maybe it would have been better to make the starting vault different somehow.

At any point if the character jumps off of a wall, it's jump is higher than a normal jump, that seems counter-intuitive to, well, gravity.

I made it to the end, and it was cool that there were two different platforms at the finish but nothing happens if you get there.

On the plus side the game resets correctly if the character falls out of bounds which, sure may not seem like much but some 'games' don't have that.

So, to conclude, your first game is 'okay' as long as you improve.

Pretty cool game.
Although like you say in the description, it is a bit small, so that's kind of a draw back, but at least you knew this before being told.
I think I found a bug, it's possible to get literally stuck or cut off from the stairs, this happened to me at level four. I got boxed in and wasn't able to get to the steps.
One more thing, it's not so much of a bug but, if you turn on the "hold to move" option and walk into a wall, the stepping sound keeps playing in accordance with how long the button was pressed instead of, if it is currently being pressed. not bad just a little counter-intuitive.

Also, sorry one last thing, a "game exit" or "return to menu" option might be nice.

Anyway, Cool Game!

SirenGames responds:

It takes effort to walk into a wall regardless of whether you're gaining distance or not. We continue to reward this effort by keeping the counter going. You're welcome and thank you for playing the dungeon!

That's pretty cool, and you did all that with just AS3, that's impressive.
I can think of quite a verity of ways to use something like this. First things off the top of my head...
gears on an opening and closing menu, train or tank wheels, background eye-candy for any number of situations, the list could go on really.
One thing though I think you might get a smoother gear rotation if you turn the frame rate up a little.
Still very cool.

zizonu responds:

Thanks and you are right about the frame rate issue, it becomes much smoother once you increase it.

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Nice, little short but good rhythm, good beat, good music.

NGKFlower responds:


I like it, it doesn't really crescendo like I thought it should at first but it's a good background loop.
it's consistent and smooth, I feel compelled to compare it to chocolate milk. not sure why.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks, glad you enjoy it. ^_^

I think the sound quality sub-par, not the song I mean, the song is pretty cool. It's just that it sounds like it was re-recorded off of some speakers or something, some kind of white noise/ low humming sound in the background.
Other than that, it's a fairly decent track.

NGKFlower responds:

well, my previous methods wasn't all that great before. though now i've gotten better over the time.

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The shading is great, the line work is visually constructing but not restraining, the details are plentiful and well done and the inspiration can be noticed but isn't just copied or imitated, it really looks like you made your own character that started from the concept theme instead of just reproducing something that you saw. (Not that there's anything wrong with imitation or re-imagining a favorite character or theme)
Although it might be more visually pleasing if it were more bilaterally symmetrical.

Well, it's amazing, but.... that's a pencil.

*smiles* even it's name is adorable. but the background might look better with some grass or clover or something, other than that it's awesome

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