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WOW, that was amazing.
what kept running through my mind while watching it was "can you imagine if the anime was this good, I'd actually watch it then."

wow, just wow, very nice piece of work.

I didn't think to much of this animation when it started, all the characters had the same voice, the setting seemed unimaginative, and the jokes started swimming like a dead fish (I'm not trying to make a joke, I'm just can't think of a better analogy) But WOW did all that turn around.

It was Hilarious!!

The woman's voice caught me totally off guard, the way the characters would banter back and forth was awesome, the jokes picked very well and the movie reference seemed to give it a little spark that fit so well and yet was totally unexpected.

All in all, I'd definitely say this animation "holds water"... okay, sorry, that was awful.

Phable responds:

Haha why, thank you. I appreciate the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The voice acting was great, except for once or twice when it sounded like they got to close to the microphone. The animation was really beautiful but the lip sync seemed to be left out. The narrative story was mundane enough to be relatable yet interesting enough to be profound.
Ending was sad though.

Funny, but the constant loop made it little annoying.

That seemed pretty good.
I say "seemed" because I've never played the legend of dragoon games (was there more than one? I don't know) anyway the video size was a little small and the audio seemed to get a little muffled a couple times, but other than that, it's a great animation.

AngelXMIkey responds:

video size small? XD you know what i went through to make it smaller, i had to reduce the quality and alot of other stuff. The .swf was 41 MB lol

Well I had a good laugh.
I liked the animation it was pretty decent.
The drama was very pronounced on the account of there not being any dialog, I thought that was very well done, it reminded of the movie castaway where it didn't have a lot dialog but the actor really brings you into the experience, I know some people don't like it, but I enjoyed it (castaway and this).
However I would like to point out that the constant loop is a downside to this movie, even right clicking and disabling the "loop" command didn't help any, although a simple stop(); and replay button would have made it less annoying.

TechnoTac responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! and i saw what you meant about the looping, so i added a replay button :D

I thought it looked pretty Epic until about a minute in, when I saw that part I just hung my head and sighed.
It started kinda cool then left me feeling disappointed.
Overall it's not terrible but I feel like I got trolled.

LordAsylus responds:

I see.

That's hilarious, My favorite part was reading that this was based on a true story, that just made me laugh all the more, imagining this playing out in real life.

Adorable. The almost unnoticed background sounds added a nice touch. Despite the the audio quality, Pikachu's voice acting was direct, simple and cute. overall it's pretty good, except for the lack of a break in the movie making it a constant loop. I like it.

Okay, wow, I thought the animation and art direction were awesome, I was pleasantly surprised at how all the graphics looked together, usually when people draw scenes from the past and future it's hard to get the same art style and the whole movie suffers. with this movie it was tied together so well, it could easily be described as seamless. very nice.
Two problems with it I had though, jonny-13 didn't change his voice voice very much for the solders line, not that the movie suffered from that one line, but I think it could have easily been substituted with a turn of the head and a shrug.
Anyway the other problem I had with this movie is that it's too short, even though I really like it, there's just not enough to (close though) say I loved it.

Cenaf responds:

Jonny was ill a bit so he couldn't done better. And i know its a bit short but 1.5 minutes all i could finish till 10th of may for NATA

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