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Nice, little short but good rhythm, good beat, good music.

NGKFlower responds:


I like it, it doesn't really crescendo like I thought it should at first but it's a good background loop.
it's consistent and smooth, I feel compelled to compare it to chocolate milk. not sure why.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks, glad you enjoy it. ^_^

I think the sound quality sub-par, not the song I mean, the song is pretty cool. It's just that it sounds like it was re-recorded off of some speakers or something, some kind of white noise/ low humming sound in the background.
Other than that, it's a fairly decent track.

NGKFlower responds:

well, my previous methods wasn't all that great before. though now i've gotten better over the time.

Didn't hear the previous version but I like this one. Very Cool.

NGKFlower responds:


Not sure what you mean about the quality being bad, I think I heard some static towards the end, but I'm not convinced that would merit the capitalization of the exclamation word "real" when describing the quality of this song. I like it.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks. it wasnt this song i meant, i have other versions of "End" and the quality was sorta bad. i'm going to have to redo the ones i did before this one.

When it started to play I knew I had heard this somewhere before, so I went through my music to see if I could find a "Summer Sonata".
Then it occurred to me, of course I've heard something similar to this before, the song that I have is your other Summer Sonata. XD
Not sure which one I like better there both really good works.
This one definitely sounds newer, but I don't just mean that it's more fresh, I mean it sounds like you've learned a lot since your last summer sonata song.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks! i wasnt sure which one i might like more either, but i have definitely gotten better at the whole thing than before. im glad you like it. ^_^

I don't think it's to loud, I like it.
I'm not familiar with Sonic Rush Adventure or it's soundtrack, but it must have some pretty cool music if it inspired like this. Nice work.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks. to be honest, i actually heard of the original from a hack game called the S Factor-Sonia and Silver for the genesis emulator. its a really good game, you would have to be a true sonic fan to understand where most of the ost from the game came from. :)

What do you mean "turned out ok", It turned out Great!
if this came to you in a dream, that makes me like it even more, not sure why.

NGKFlower responds:

thanks. glad you like it.

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