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"nothing too new or interesting" that's how I feel about this game.
I realize it's your first game, and it's pretty good for a first attempt but how about we get some control descriptions or maybe victory conditions.

In the beginning if your trying to "ping pong" your way up the two walls, it's easier to just land on and jump from the same wall you started from in the first place.
I understand that may or may not have been intentional but if that type of difficulty in the beginning wasn't intentional, then maybe it would have been better to make the starting vault different somehow.

At any point if the character jumps off of a wall, it's jump is higher than a normal jump, that seems counter-intuitive to, well, gravity.

I made it to the end, and it was cool that there were two different platforms at the finish but nothing happens if you get there.

On the plus side the game resets correctly if the character falls out of bounds which, sure may not seem like much but some 'games' don't have that.

So, to conclude, your first game is 'okay' as long as you improve.

Pretty cool game.
Although like you say in the description, it is a bit small, so that's kind of a draw back, but at least you knew this before being told.
I think I found a bug, it's possible to get literally stuck or cut off from the stairs, this happened to me at level four. I got boxed in and wasn't able to get to the steps.
One more thing, it's not so much of a bug but, if you turn on the "hold to move" option and walk into a wall, the stepping sound keeps playing in accordance with how long the button was pressed instead of, if it is currently being pressed. not bad just a little counter-intuitive.

Also, sorry one last thing, a "game exit" or "return to menu" option might be nice.

Anyway, Cool Game!

SirenGames responds:

It takes effort to walk into a wall regardless of whether you're gaining distance or not. We continue to reward this effort by keeping the counter going. You're welcome and thank you for playing the dungeon!

That's pretty cool, and you did all that with just AS3, that's impressive.
I can think of quite a verity of ways to use something like this. First things off the top of my head...
gears on an opening and closing menu, train or tank wheels, background eye-candy for any number of situations, the list could go on really.
One thing though I think you might get a smoother gear rotation if you turn the frame rate up a little.
Still very cool.

zizonu responds:

Thanks and you are right about the frame rate issue, it becomes much smoother once you increase it.

It looks like you guys have put together a cool game.
I realize that having just two fighters was part of the concept but maybe you can take what you have and add other characters and some more stages to it, that be cool too.

I'm not sure if these are bugs and they aren't really a problem but, if you turn the sounds off and back on, the music doesn't restart, at least until you start a fight. and if you're at the title screen long enough the music won't continue looping, again it will start up again if you start a fight so it's not that big a deal.

No music, or sound to speak of.
The concept isn't all that original or logical for that matter.
The character's movement was a little "slippery" for my taste.
But still, I liked it.
It was pretty cool.

It's not THAT bad, yeah it's not great but it's not awful either.
It seem's to me that just some extra features could really made this game memorable, just stuff like power-ups, score multipliers, or something to alter the ball speed might be great. otherwise it doesn't have anything to make it stand out from the proverbial crowd so-to-speak.
Also on a side note, I noticed that at the higher levels the "click the ball to start" text gets covered up by the bamboo blocks, not that I couldn't figure I needed to click the ball again, it's just that I thought it might be a layering issue that could be easily fixed.

Cute graphics, great puzzle design, relaxing gameplay, and honestly I appreciated the background work even though it was hard to look at while worrying about the trains. All in all I'm impressed, this game is pretty cool.

I'm not sure why but I like this, it's interesting in that it's set up like a timepiece (clock) and seems to keep time consistently like any good clock should but it doesn't represent conventional time keeping as we commonly use it.
However, even though those are the things I like about it, the lack of how relatable those things are to standard time is why this isn't all that useful.
As best I can tell, the largest and inner most "time tracker" or the second hand keeps track of 6 seconds per section and with 6 sections it totals 36 seconds, the next and middle "hand" keeps track of 6 of those making a total of 216 seconds, the last one keeps a time of just over 21 minutes. Did I get that right? (my math almost never right)

Now don't get me wrong, I like it, it's just that the problems are..
#1: I can't really think of anything to time that's just over twenty minutes.
#2: it doesn't offer any way to relate time from the timer to conventional time like telling us how much standard time has passed.
#3: I kind of wish you had used a different primary number, it just doesn't seem to add up quite right with six (but then again this is my math we're talking about, so..)

Awesome, very fun.
This game plays very well, it didn't lag for me at all that I remember, which surprised me when I would realize all the stuff on the screen at once.
The achievements made sense, and weren't to hard to get, they kept me trying for them all.
The difficulty in the game was pretty fair, until the last boss, of whom beat the crap out of me until I felt like I was wearing my mouse like a hat (crazy I know) However I wouldn't say that it was to hard, just that I wish I could have done something with all the extra money I had, even after buying all the upgrades.
Like upgrade extensions might have been nice, something like after you "master" the armor you could keep spending money on it, making it better still.

Also, I'm pretty sure the achievements "ease come" and "ease go" should be spelled with a Y instead of a second E, making them "easy come" and "easy go" respectively.

This is a great game, very cool :) Definitely an awesome puzzle game. I like that the levels were random too, that way a player wont get bored after playing the same levels over again.
Replayability is big in my book.
The music as best I could tell was a peaceful loop, it wasn't obnoxious but it didn't seem distant from the gameplay either, it seemed to fit nicely.
The graphics were simple and straight forward, but for a puzzle game it's not like the graphics need to be top notch for the game to be playable, although I kinda wish that the obscured connections would change color slightly, sometimes when you have some stars close together it can be harder to tell which connections are interfering with one another.

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